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The traditional breeds and varieties represent an important and valuable genetic and cultural-historical heritage. They possess qualities such as sturdiness, fertility and resistance against diseases and parasites, which could become very important in a changed economic environment.

The Balkans are, to a large part, a mountainous region and thus subdivided into numerous small regions. Because of these small landscape structures, and the numerous different ethnic groups using very different production forms, a large agricultural diversity has developed, parts of which have survived till the present day at least in small populations.

The political and economic restructuring has far-reaching impacts on agriculture. New techniques and methods and new breeding material replace the old ones. In order to be able to conserve the diversity of livestock as cultural heritage of the region at least in parts, collaboration on all levels (government, NGOs, universities) is necessary.

Crossborder collaboration is another important part of the conservation work. The exchange of information, best practice and experience is vital for the in situ/ on farm conservation especially on the Balkans, where some breeds are spread over the different countries.

The Balkan Network for Agrobiodiversity is a result of various activities for the in situ / on farm conservation of rare breeds initiated by the SAVE –Foundation since the year 2004. Through the activities on the Balkans it became clear, that there is an obvious willingness to take part in a cross-border regional co-operation despite differences in nationality, region or other interests. Thanks to this fact, it was possible to establish the Balkan Network with various stakeholders from all Balkan countries.

This Website is an integral part of the information activities among the Network.

The Sonnenwiese Foundation, FL-Vaduz, and the Heidehof Foundation, D-Stuttgart, generously financed this project.


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