SAVE Network Partner in Serbia
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BOBS, Breeders of Old Breeds of Serbia
(Odgajivaci starih rasa Srbije)

“BOBS” is a non-profit organization giving support to farmers engaged in breeding and active conservation of Serbian old breeds. The activities of the organization are towards increasing of public interest for conservation and sustainable utilization of Serbian old breeds, and also aiming to increase marketing value of products of Serbian old breeds.

Slobodan Simic
Sveti Sava Street 19, SR-22000 Sremska Mitrovica

Natura Balkanika Nature Society

"Natura Balkanika" Nature Society is a non-partisan, non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in year 2000 Registration number is 1.400.

The Society is founded by the group of enthusiasts, farmers and experts on agriculture, veterinary sciences, biology, social sciences, economy and rural development, dedicated to support rural revival, protection and promotion of the natural and cultural values of South East Serbia (Stara Planina Mt. and Gornje Ponishavlje region). Born in the region of the exceptional rural tradition and natural beauty, in the middle of one of 6 World centers of biodiversity, "Natura Balkanika", is intended to integrate interests for rural economy and environmental conservation. Our activities are directed towards environmentally friendly agriculture practices, conservation of domestic animal genetic resources, natural biodiversity and local cultural heritage integrated in sustainable rural development concepts, promoting participatory approach and bottom-up initiative.

Natura Balkanika's efforts are directed towards supporting sustainable rural development of the South East Serbia. Therefore, through its programs strive:

Natura Balkanika's Interactive farm poses 6 collection of Serbian indigenous breeds and have launched traditional carpeting course based on zackel wool, "riding school" using Domestic Mountain Pony, playground, farm-shop, ethno room and other show-activities in aim to reach their economic valorization. "Natura Balkanika" is one of the leading actors in organizing manifestation "Regional Fair of Balkan Agrobiodiversity and Rural Heritage", every year in September, when many Balkan breeds are being exposed to the national and regional public. Natura Balkanika enabled every rare breed farmer to receive a yearly subsidy and other forms of support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of R. Serbia. Our conservation activities are supported by Serbian Agriculture Ministry, German Foundation EED and the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC).

Dr. Sergej Ivanov
Natura Balkanika Nature Society
Ive Andrica 60, RS-18320 Dimitrovgrad