SAVE Network Partner in Ukraine

SATrans Safeguard for Agrobiodiversity in Transcarpathia

The main aims of the Society are:Society of Saving Agrobiodiversity in the Carpathian Mountains. We are a non-profit NGO, connecting scientific expertise with traditional land-use and agriculture systems to encourage local people to develop and maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Our aim is to preserve the unique ecosystems of the Carpathian Mountain Region, connecting ecological preservation with economical possibilities in projects like ecotourism and marketing of local products.
Our main focus is the support of rare livestock breeding, as a foundation of environmental conservation. Not only the animals gene resources, but also ecosystems with high species diversity that depend on grazing can be preserved. We organize the Carpathian-Buffalo breeding in collaboration with the Carpathian-Biosphere Reserve and local farmers. Another project preserves the original Hutsul horses, of which some still show zebra stripes on the legs and an eel-line on the back.

vul. Druschba, UA-90451 Steblivka